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"How to Improve Business Visibility" by Levente SzfarliMy brand new book has been released: “How to Improve Business Visibility – Business Branding” – free for small businesses!

Short Summary Of Content:

* The Professional Image
* The Anatomy of a Perfect Business Page
* Trouble-free Page Production
* Research, Advice and Support
* Down-to-Earth Advice on Choosing a Pro

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My book is about the importance of establishing a firm online presence for small businesses. This is particularly helpful if your small business is part of a competitive industry – any kind of industry I might say! In case you perform most of your activities online then ensuring and maintaining high search engine rankings should be a major priority.

But the big question is always there: How? Well, by developing strategies to successfully influence, control and expand markets via SEO and diverse social media channels, and serves as a decisive function in determining market friendly social media strategies. All these steps are all for propping up brand and ultimately company reputation via advanced reputation marketing procedures.

The book How to Improve Business Visibility – Business Branding will be presented in electronic format (Ebook), and it will be made available to small businesses free of charge.

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Have You Seen My Mobile Marketing Platforms?


Mobile web design offered by Levente Szfarli

Not too long ago I’ve conducted a comprehensive research in Winnipeg, MB, Canada area – Winnipeg being my local marketplace. I got surprised, really surprised! According to my market research around ninety five percent of small businesses did not have a somewhat decent online presence.

Wow, that number is huge!

When it comes to mobile technology then that number really emphasises my findings: people are looking for products and services online (locally) but not too many small businesses are to be found. Potential customers get bored with almost useless non-mobile websites because those are way bulky and won’t load properly on SmartPhones.

In case you have no mobilized version of your website then the cold hard truth is that your potential customers will probably just give up and leave… having to zoom in and out, scroll up, down, left and right to get the information they’re looking for isn’t a good experience and its definitely NOT good for your business!

This is a Very VERY big problem!

Let’s admit that companies (big or small) are losing business from this. So, I want to offer a quick and permanent fix to the problem.

Would you like me to produce you a state of the art Mobile Marketing Platform so that you can give your customers the best possible shopping experience?

If you got convinced and you are really interested mobile technology specially formulated for small businesses, then I invite you to CLICK HERE or on the SmartPhone image to be transported to my page where you can view my collection of mobile websites I offer for you!

Don’t get enough results from your existing company website? Well, I can help you with that too. I can create for your small business a high ranking web portal and supply all necessary services related to its online marketing in a projectized environment.

At this point I invite you to go through my services offered. I’d be glad to know you as my next customer!

Services Offered:

  1. Primary Competition Analysis Services
  2. Website Analysis Services
  3. Keyword Research and Analysis Services
  4. SEO-Link Building and Advertising Services


1. Primary Competition Analysis Services

Primary Competition Analysis ServicesThis service is a must for businesses operating locally (valid for any city).


The Primary Competition Analysis Service will supplies business owners a comprehensive list with info on who the big and small players are in the specific marketplace and facts regarding those competitors.

Project Phases (breakdown of tasks):

1.1 Industry Research – organized process to research a specific company (profile creation)

1.2 Competitive Analysis – careful analysis of the current online landscape for your target market

Developing a complete competition analysis is designed to help you and your company in creating a sustainable aggressive advantage over competition and to achieve a positive ROI.


2. Website Analysis Services

Website Analysis ServicesThere are unquestionable advantages to using Website Analysis. A full Website Analysis is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of data collected about a website for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage.

Website Analysis is not just a tool for measuring the performance of a given website but it is used as a tool for business and market research to assess and improve the effectiveness of an entire web site. All statistics are gathered and used to develop advantageous website development and marketing strategies.

During our Website Analysis process we will detect existing problems regarding your website and make proper recommendations to eliminate those and to facilitate higher conversion rates by making the customers’ web pages more powerful. My Website Analysis incorporates a very detailed 50 point examination – exceeding present industry standards!


3. Keyword Research and Analysis Services

Keyword Research and Analysis ServicesKeyword Research and Analysis can tell you the search phrases people use to find products and services, as well as the search terms that drive traffic to your competitors. There’s no such thing as balanced search engine traffic. Traffic varies over time, however  the real problem starts when your website traffic is way too low and your conversion rate suffers.

The above is a clear indication that you are not using proper keyword combinations. This is the time when you might need help from a professional!

All statistics are gathered and presented to the customer in a very detailed manner using a top of the line competition analyzing process:

  • Global Monthly Searches
  • Local Monthly Searches
  • Approximate Keyword value in dollars
  • Searches per Month
  • The number of competing pages
  • The number of websites according to industry standards are considered real competition
  • Keyword Strength
  • Average Competitor PageRank
  • Keyword has Commercial Value or not
  • Competitors’ running ads

According to the above findings I will calculate and rate the projected keywords. Our overall keyword rating is based on the competition level and the commercial intent. The final analysis (Keyword Metrics Statement) is delivered to the customer in a comma-separated values file format (CSV) file.

Why do you need Keyword Analysis?

Keyword Metrics StatementFor any website good, solid content is king followed by website architecture combined with appropriate web design. When all these are put in place then comes the mandatory “Link Development”.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the organic ranking of a website with leading search engines.

The two main factors considered by search engines when ranking websites are the placement of keywords in unique content on the site and the number of links to a website. In order to achieve superior results a comprehensive keyword research has to be carried out.

We are aiming for keywords with decent number of searches per month and with fairly low number of competing websites. Our ultimate goal is to find keywords with the previously mentioned values that also have commercial significance!

The results are compiled into a final “Keyword Metrics Statement”. The website content is put together based on keywords found. The same principle applies to setting up link structures as well.

All these processes are for improving the overall organic ranking of a website with leading search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.


4. SEO-Link Building and Advertising Services

SEO-Link Building and Advertising ServicesMy “SEO-Link Building and Advertising” service will post articles to article directories, bookmarking them, uploading videos and updating RSS feeds with lightning speed. Since content is the primary means to creating backlinks to your websites, the quicker you can build backlinks, the more traffic you will see from the search engines.

I will naturally build and supply your website quality backlinks from:

  • Article Directories
  • Video Sites
  • Forum sites
  • Press Release Sites
  • PDF Sites
  • WordPress Blogs
  • Social Sites
  • Micro Blogs
  • Niche Sites

I am here to help you and your small business dominate your market by getting your message, your branding, your products, your services out into the marketplace. And, in return when you do that, you not only get traffic, but you get leads and lots of new customers with your online marketing.

Leverage the power of my “SEO-Link Building and Advertising” service and take advantage of a superior customer service as well. I focus on QUALITY links and the magnitude of those. This fits in well with the changes Google has made to recent ranking algorithms.

One of the impressive things about my “SEO-Link Building and Advertising” service is how we can customize almost everything. I create your advertising and SEO link building campaigns and modify their design according to market demands seasoned with complex service types and promotional methods.

Search Engine Optimization combined with link building play a huge role in today’s internet world. Without implementing this technology, it is hard or we should rather state: it is impossible for any website to survive on the internet and in reality without Search Engine Optimization (SEO), superior link building and the resulting promotional process. There is hardly any website which does not use these services.

Take advantage of my expertise and tools available for promoting your website to make it capable of surviving in the internet world!


Every single project is unique and as such, prices are unique as well.


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