Online Reputation Marketing

Online Reputation Management vs Online Reputation Marketing


Reputation management is the act of comprehension and shaping an individual or company’s status. On the other hand, reputation marketing is the act of building marketing exposure upon that individual’s or company’s status.

Online Reputation Marketing

Online Reputation Marketing

Your business is of high importance for you and you have made every effort to build a reputation in the industry. Ever wondered what people are saying? Good or bad?

Having a business website and hosting it on the World Wide Web is not the sole step that leads you to success. Building a brilliant online reputation is equally important. You need to make efforts towards assessing your sale efforts. Tracking your company’s online reputation can take you a long way.

Using effective and proven online reputation tracking tools can help you a lot in this respect.


Online Reputation Management: 3 Free Tools

(author: Katarina Kovacevic)

Google Alerts

Google Alerts emails you updates of the latest relevant Google results. Track your local business’ online reputation by entering its name into the “search query” box then select how often you want to receive updates.

Social Mention

Another great online reputation management tool is Social Mention. It works much like Google Alerts in that you enter the specific search terms you’d like to track and you also have the option to get email updates.


Kurrently is an online reputation tracking tool that’s a good way to follow conversations and live events as they’re happening.

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Online Reputation Marketing Tracking Tools


So, let’s recap: online reputation marketing is the pure act of building marketing exposure upon an individual or company’s status. Are there specialized tools to track someone’s or a business entity’s online image? Well, watch the videos!



Online reputation tracking tools can be of great help when it comes to staying alert and evaluating your business success online. Worried about how your efforts have been faring among potential customers? Use an effective online reputation tracking tool and you are all set to taste the fruit of success!

Have you incorporated Online Reputation Marketing into your advertising arsenal?


3 Responses to “Online Reputation Marketing”

  1. Great distinction between online reputation management and online reputation marketing. The question is how you educate the company so that they know when to leverage the referrable moments that happened in their business.

  2. Mike says:

    Very helpful article! Love the discussion of specific tools to use in the reputation management and marketing process.

  3. Sean says:

    Great article, but using specific tools for social media marketing such as providing Facebook likes to improve your fanpages and marketing tools for Twitter cab very much hellp your business grow fast.

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