Biggest Mistakes In Project Management

Examples Of Classic Project Management Errors

You have been emphasizing on factors that makes a project successful. But haven’t you been making mistakes in your attempts?

Common Project Management Mistakes

Common Project Management Mistakes

This is because you have never thought of knowing about the common mistakes (blunders I would like to say) made during the process of project management.

Avoiding mistakes is also an integral part of efficient project management. These mistakes sometimes may seem to be insignificant but can actually become the sole cause of the grand debacle. So it is time that you know what goes wrong, how and find out ways to avoid it.

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12 Common Project Management Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Not Assigning the Right Person to Manage the Project. Typically during resource allocation, most of the effort is focused on finding the right resources other than finding the right project manager.

Failing to Get Everyone on the Team Behind the Project. Too often, projects are doomed to fail because they didn’t get enough support from the departments and people affected by and involved in the project.

Not Getting Executive Buy-in. Solution: somebody at the higher levels of the organization needs to own the project from start to finish and be personally vested in its success.

Putting Too Many Projects Into Production at Once. Most managers think that they can get more done by starting all projects at once, but in reality, it’s counterproductive.

And the list just goes on, and on…


 Avoiding Mistakes And The Headache Associated With The Project At Hand


As I wrote a few lines above: “Avoiding mistakes is also an integral part of efficient project management.”

Yes, in many cases handling projects comes with serious headaches. See what happened to the “Project Manager” in the short video presentation and how he got cured the traditional way!

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    Yeah i agree. Thats why i think the project manager needs a kind of time and task managment software.


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