Improve Your Project Baseline Management

What In The World Is Project Baseline Management?

Generally speaking project baseline magement is simply the yield of the scheduling stage (one might define it as forecasting), and clearly serves as a measuring instrument for evaluating the project at hand. Project management describes the project baseline as the multitude of acknowledged and agreed upon strategies or procedures and of course their associated written records.

Did you know that Project Baselines are prepared on triple constraints?


Tips for Better Project Baseline Management

PM Hut

“Good Baseline Management is the most critical factor in the execution and control of a Project. In my experience, more projects get in trouble because of inadequate, erroneous, poorly communicated, and ineffectively managed baselines, than any other single reason.

Triple constraints serve the basis of project baseline management

Triple constraints serve the basis of project baseline management

A baseline is the best available set of knowledge defining “What” the customer wants and the knowledge of the project team defining the “How” it will be done, “When” it will be done and “Who” will do it. You could call the Project Plan a reference point against which future project status positions can be measured. I guess it would be more accurate though to call it a reference vector, since the plan describes the execution as a function of time.”

For better understanding the above you might want to read the article and download the associated PDF document!

The Lazy Project Manager – Project and Management
By advocating being a ‘lazy’ project manager I don’t intend that we should all do absolutely nothing. I am not saying we should all sit around drinking coffee, reading a good book (such as The Lazy Project Manager) and engaging in idle gossip whilst watching the project hours go by and the non-delivered project milestones disappear over the horizon. That would obviously be plain stupid and would result in an extremely short career in project management, in fact probably a very short career full stop!…

Don’t know how to set up a proper Project Baseline?

Here’s a handy little video presentation:

Any development has to be a closely controlled course of action, so the facts about it are clear. After all a project is a mission!

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