Is Project Management Adapting To Obvious Changes?

Project Management In Transformation

Nowadays every single project manager must adapt to innovation and transformation. Information that was shared by simple hallway conversations (by word of mouth) and meetings is now in front of you. The Project Management arena has gone social and companies should follow the new trend or they are going to be left behind.

The above mentioned variation in how we manage projects can trap even one of the best project managers in case they don’t appear to be ready for the transition. Watch this thirty minutes video presentation to check out what steps one have to take in order to set up his/her organization for social venture.

Did you catch what Social Venture Administration is and what Social Project Administration instruments should be used?


One Response to “Is Project Management Adapting To Obvious Changes?”

  1. Brandon says:

    Hi. I agree that project management should change and adapt to obvious changes. Project managers should do the same. That’s just my opinion only

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