How To Price A Product

Marketing Strategies On How To Price A Product

How to price a product for retail

How to price a product for retail

Ever wondered what makes people pay more for a job that might not be the best of your creations? Yes, as a customer, one would want the best to be delivered. Most of the time, people are ready to pay as much as possible for a project tagged as the ‘best’. So how is it possible to squeeze out more from your clients or as much as your services are worthy of?

You need to follow the right strategy! Prepare strategies that help you charge as per the value delivered, offering bundled price estimate, giving discounts the right way and giving discounts the right way. Let’s look into the details of apt pricing tips that will help you earn more!

5 Pricing Tips to Earn More on Client Projects

(author: Ruben Gamez)

1. Charge Clients According to Value
2. Bundle Your Pricing
3. Always Give Options
4. Never Decrease a Fee
5. Give Discounts the Right Way

Sometimes clients aren’t satisfied with the results, but often — and this is the crazy part — they’re happy with the results, even if they could’ve received better work at a much lower price from you.

The truth is that price rarely has anything to do with the quality of work.

No, clients often pay a higher price for other reasons. Mostly it’s about what you offer, and how you’re offering it, that makes a difference.


Question: How To Price A Product For Retail?

Watch this short video presentation to find out details on giving the right price to your products and/or services. Did you know that most business owners struggle with this? The topics cover is complex, so please pay attention! The presenter mainly touches two pricing strategies:

  • The Skimming Strategy
  • The Mass Strategy

At this point you might ask: Gee, that’s OK but which one is the best or better yet what’s the right approach?

Good question. Click on the play button to find out!

Did you know that the art of pricing the right way can help you get the worth of your skill and quality of services you deliver?

It’s true! Since the price is always going to be seen as a loss in your client’s mind, it is crucial to prepare strategies to convince a potential customer to pay the amount you expect. The art of bundling your fees into a single service with one price and offering discounts the right way can help you achieve success in your mission.

All the best, but before I close this blog post I’d like to ask you a qustion:

So, have you found your answer on how to price a product for retail?


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  1. Dhyan Khalsa says:

    I loved this article. What a great, timely, and concise writing. I especially liked the added Youtube Video and specifically the two types of pricing strategies. A great overview in just over 5 minutes only.

    My particular business niche is definitely in “The Mass Strategy” and it was a excellent marker for me to have this reference point.
    Maybe someday I will work with the clientele in “The Skimming Strategy” markets.

    All round, work is work and marketing is marketing….
    “you get what you pay for”!!

    Thank You for a great article,
    Dhyan Khalsa

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