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Is Mindjet The Best Project Plan Software?

Project management – a nightmare! No, you’re not alone to feel this way. Almost all project managers regardless of their success rate consider project management as an intimidating task.

Is there a solution? Yes, Mindjet!

Mindjet: Project Plan Software - one ofthe best on the market

Mindjet: Project Plan Software

Schedules, collaborative timelines, adept management, sponsors, skilled team members and a lot more can prove critical for successful project management. Mindjet offers just that! It is a project management solution that closes some important gaps that traditional management applications can’t quite touch. Mindjet can definitely make your project a huge hit. In case, you feel have been outgrowing your current project management tools and templates, Mindjet can actually prove to be a viable solution. What about a free trial of Mindjet?

Get a full-fledged project management application with Mindjet

Requirements for project information like schedules and timelines are more collaborative and interactive than ever. Management, sponsors, and interested team members want their own view into project data with the option to slice and dice information and make their own edits and additions. Such requirements may mean changing up your current project management tools.

If you are facing these new requirements, it could be time to check out Mindjet:

  • Project planning
  • Collaboration


A Short Review For The Best Project Plan Software

Is Mindjet Mindmanager the best on the marketplace? Well, yes – at least that’s my opinion…

  • Organize thoughts
  • Use a plethora of templates
  • Decision making
  • Project planner
  • To do list
  • Weekly planner
  • Etc.

Tired of applying the best of project management strategies to ensure success? If yes, then why not try something more efficient? Mindjet is the modern day project management solution. It is effective, proven and successful.

Do you mind sharing what project plan software do you use?


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  1. Chris Venter says:

    Hi Levente,

    I am using Freemind as my mind manager and I love the way it keeps my thought organized.

    The video for Mindjet is great and I might upgrade from my current program to it in the future.

    I’m looking forward to your next post.

    Chris Venter recently posted..BII REPORT: Here’s How Amazon Is Creating A Huge Mobile Business

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